TK-5th Grade Art Program

Students in TK-3rd grade will have a weekly art class focusing on various elements (see below).  Classes are taught by a professional art instructor.  Students will learn art form world cultures, 3D & sculptural arts, and techniques including line, color, and drawing self-portraits.  More specific grade level information can be found below.  At the end of the 12 week course, students will have a showcase.



  • Visual expression using lines, shapes, colors, and value
  • Drawing, painting, printmaking, clay modeling

Grade 1:

  • Create expression using line, pattern, and shape
  • Learn technical skills, including color mixing in painting
  • Use pinch and hand building techniques in clay

Grade 2:

  • Kinetic learning to refine small motor skills through dawing, painting, and hand building with clay
  • Creating varieties of line to make patterns, using overlapping shapes to create space, and mixing primary colors to make secondary colors
  • Creative expression through drawing from nature and using art elements to tell a story